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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Acid vs Alkaline

(09/29) Acid vs Alkaline...
This is a long article, but informative.  Like most, you will tire before finish in one setting.  Break it up... but read it... it will be worth it.  How We Become Acid... by Dennis Myers, M. D. - Robert Miller, D. C.

This is listed in both the Avoid and Use stand alone pages, because it applies to both. There are sections (well into the article) I was particularly interested in the first read:  Dysbiosis 5th/6th paragraphs; Drugs; Over The Counter Antacid Drugs; Chronic Degenerative Disease "which is the point of this entire article"; General Results of Base Deficiency; foods, supplements, hydro therapy, herbs, etc.  

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