New feature to go with my original blog...

(10/13/10) My original blog was running out of room for reporting research in a easily accessable manner. I am going to try this, a second site that you may click back and forth from. This second site is for the research information. The following is my original blog.
Please keep in mind that I am not promoting anyone or any product. There just isn't enough space to note all of the sites I have been on. As I said before, listing at least one will give a beginning place to look if you are interested.

Soy products...

First of all, I dug into the subject of soy as I didn't want to give up the final choice of creamer for my coffee (which I am supposed to give up).  I am limiting myself to a couple of cups in the morning. 

The following are bits and pieces of information I have found to begin my search into soy. This page will be updated as I look further into the subject.

I am researching the following, and will find if they are true, myth, or minunderstandings.

Reading on this subject is about like Vitamin B-17, I have opened another can of worms...  but, I will continue because I need to know.

  • ...if cancer is estrogen positive, avoid soy products... they contain natural occuring estrogen that can feed the cancer."
  • ...advise your doctor what food program, herbal and over the counter remedies you are working on.  The routine you are using may interfere with cancer medicine.
  • grapefruit or pomegranates if taking Tamoxifen... what about other cancer medicine?
  •  is hidden in products, read labels.