New feature to go with my original blog...

(10/13/10) My original blog was running out of room for reporting research in a easily accessable manner. I am going to try this, a second site that you may click back and forth from. This second site is for the research information. The following is my original blog.
Please keep in mind that I am not promoting anyone or any product. There just isn't enough space to note all of the sites I have been on. As I said before, listing at least one will give a beginning place to look if you are interested.

Symptoms not to ignore...

This is going to be a ongoing list... as I remember or learn of items to add.  I have found by reading that there were many signs for my situation.  But, those signs were symtomatic of other issues, everything became generalized with other conditions that are less serious.

Blood in my urine ~ I thought, as well as the doctor's saw it as UTI's (urinary tract infections).

Leg/Ankle swelling ~ Have had that problem for years due to high blood pressure.

Pain in my side/back ~ thought that I had not had enough water, or went along with UTI.

Fatigue ~ As I have PTSD, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure.... blamed it one of these. 

Sores in mouth ~  Amazing, about a week before my tests began there was what I thought was a canker sore in my mouth.  It didn't look like the sores I had seen in the past.  Since I was taking medicine for "another" UTI, the sore went away after a few days.  Had no clue one of the symptoms is mouth sores.

Advancing age ~ well, nothing I could do about that.

Obesity ~ have fought with that all of my life.
Unexplained weight loss... that did not happen with me.

Genetics~ four times higher if close relative has kidney cancer.

Exposure to solvents, petroleum by-products, abestos.

Smoking ~ I never did smoke, ever.

Too much aspartame is an issue... and I "was" a diet cola junkie.  Well, always will be... trying to stop.  Read labels, there are a lot of grocery items with aspartame in it.

Too many over the counter pain relievers with my arthritis and other normal aches, yes I have taken a lot.

Night sweats or unexplained high feaver...  Have been sweating at night since menopause set in, just thought it was taking a while to go away.

Itching of the skin... have had that for quite a while.  Thought it was dry skin or allergies.

High blood pressure and inactive

Drinking/eating out of plastic not meant for recycling is a big NO.  Look up the numbers in the triangle on the bottom of the container.  Look these up on interet and become familiar with what they mean.  Safe reusable bottles do exist.  Numbers 2, 4, 5 seem to be able to be recycled.  Numbers 1, 3, 6, 7 don't use.  It would take a long time for me to explain, please go to

Things you can do...

Reduce salt intake
Drink lots of water
Limit the amount of protein consumed in a day
Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables
Stay away from white potatoes, white rice and white bread (there was one mention that sourdough may be an exception).
Cut out sugar
Am also looking at including information on D-3, Calcium and MCP modified pectin on this site cancer-active-page-link.aspx?=n=509 or
Also,  B17 read on this in

If you are reading this blog, please look up causes for kidney cancer and take note.  I wish I had, although there was no indication for me to be curious.  Pass it on, there are statistics that even though this is not the number one cancer... it often goes undetected until late in the staging.