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(10/13/10) My original blog was running out of room for reporting research in a easily accessable manner. I am going to try this, a second site that you may click back and forth from. This second site is for the research information. The following is my original blog.
Please keep in mind that I am not promoting anyone or any product. There just isn't enough space to note all of the sites I have been on. As I said before, listing at least one will give a beginning place to look if you are interested.

Vitamin B-17...

(09/29)  Vitamin B-17...
Wow... this is a can of worms!  I have been researching the uses of B-17 for cancer; the benefits of B-17, foods containing B-17; daily dose;  etc.  Within the articles I have read there are pro and con arguments.  Mostly, I am finding the pro articles beneficial.  The con articles, I am beginning to think it is in the US  FDA/pharmaceutical financial interests to deny the benefits.  Thus the problem, I am still reading and I encourage you to research this too.  It appears to me that there could be big benefits to increasing your diet with B-17 rich foods!

Below just a few of the sites I looked at.  From these, you can click into others.  The articles are endless, and informing.

How to Increase Vitamin B17 Intake without Nutrition Supplements

By The Armchair Herbalist, eHow Member
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User-Submitted Article
"It is believed that cancer may be a disease of dietary deficiency and that vitamin B17, commonly referred to as laetrile, is primary among the deficiency causing cancer. Vitamin B17 is actually the substance amygdalen, discovered over 150 years ago. It is being widely studied and popularly used as a cure for cancer."
Uses of Vitamin B17 for Cancer
By Carole Anne Tomlinson, eHow Contributor .updated: June 21, 2010
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" Vitamin B17, known as laetrile, is marketed as an alternative treatment for cancer. When vitamin B17 is used in increased doses, it may help fight cancer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not approve of or control B17. In fact, according to its website, the FDA states: "While some proponents have recommended it for the treatment and control of cancer, these claims have never been approved by the FDA. There are no published clinical studies which demonstrate that Laetrile is safe and effective, and cancer patients who take it sometimes forgo conventional therapies to their detriment."

The benzaldehyde molecule in vitamin B17, also known as amygdalin, is the major reason why the cancer cell may be killed.''