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(10/13/10) My original blog was running out of room for reporting research in a easily accessable manner. I am going to try this, a second site that you may click back and forth from. This second site is for the research information. The following is my original blog.
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Sleep is important

(10/05/10)  Sleep...

These past few weeks I have found that sleep does not seem to be on my agenda.  When I do sleep, the dreams are not pleasant.  I do not recall the entire dream, but remember struggling awake and the content being unpleasant.  Again and again, it seems that I dream about past stressful issues.  For a while after I wake there is a vivid memory that it was a dream about an incident, a time in my life, person, etc.  I am sure that my recent cancer diagnosis (and the stress it has created) is most of the issue here. Anyway, before going to sleep I find myself stressing about what dream is to come.  Then, I try to blank my thought process, or fill it with something else.

Sleep is important.  I had testing done for sleep apnea.  Yes, I have it as well as the night sleep device.  With my claustrophobia issues, wearing the mask keeps me awake at night.  So, just before going to sleep I have been trying to fill my mind with some positive thoughts or light reading.  Other ideas I have been trying to do is a hot bath, not taking a nap during the day, hot drink without caffine, a boring TV show on low volume, and/or (when feeling well enough) during the day spending a little bit of activity time outside. 

I began reading on the sleep subject too.  My mother is probably looking down from heaven laughing at me now.  She always read, listened to radio, or watched informative television.  Within every conversation that we had, mom would say "I read somewhere, or I heard, or I saw" and then go on with the conversation.  We (siblings) used to say that we were going to put "I read somewhere" on her headstone.  We didn't. But, we are still hearing the chuckles and comments.  Only now the reaction is from "our" children, and that is why I feel mom is finding some humor in this.  

Numerous articles regarding sleep disorders are on the internet.  I am finding there is not "one thing" which will help my health issues right now, but several combined issues that will help.  That is why I continue to search the internet for information.  If my hours online can help someone else, that is an additional benefit to my use of time.

"Cancer - Stress alone does not cause cancer. However, it has been shown that stress adversely affects cancer. If you take measures to reduce your stress, cancers often positively respond. "

"...During the deep stages of NREM sleep, the body repairs and regenerates tissues, builds bone and muscle, and appears to strengthen the immune system..."

The Healing Power of Sleep by Dr. Ranit Mishori  published: 06/07/2009
"Your mom was right: You need your sleep--maybe more than even she knew. She likely didn't know what the research now tells us--that lack of sleep has been linked to obesity, cancer, heart disease, and low immune response..."