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MCP Modified Citrus Pectin...

MCP Modified Citrus Pectin
(10/20/10) Are you having a difficult time finding this little yellow box of MCP Pectin?  During canning season there may be a shortage on the shelves.  Call your stores and ask if they have this before wasting gas running from store to store.  Ask for a Kraft product, 2 oz box, yellow box, emphasize the blue label on front with MCP in it, Premium Fruit Pectin.
Modified Citrus Pectin Slows Cancer Progression & Stops Cancer Cells in their track
A must read article!

Approx 5 grams-3 times a day
I put 1 tsp in blender each day.
 (I am not sponsoring any one brand, this just happens to be the one I use.  That may change as I read more information.  Marie Z.)
Modified Citrus Pectin Benefits
Excerpts from article by: Radell Hunter, ehow Contributer, update 12/01/09
This information came from   article 5192097

If you fear getting prostate cancer, or have high levels of cholesterol, you might want to consider modified citrus pectin (MCP), which can help curb the development of both disorders. MCP, which can be found on jelly used for toast, helps with detoxification, immune function modulation &  cancer cell proliferation inhibition.

MCP Benefit: Halting Cancer Cell Proliferation
MCP is believed to provide many benefits, but the most notable thus far has been its ability to slow the progression--or stop intrusion--of cancerous cell proliferation into other organs besides the initial cancer site. According to the American Cancer Society, both animal studies and uncontrolled studies involving humans seem to support these findings, at least in regards to prostate and skin cancers.

Other MCP Benefits

The reduction of serum cholesterol levels and the strengthening of T-cells (which kill cancer and also fight germs) are two more MCP benefits. But that's not all, MCP is also known for aiding the immune system as well as helping with the detoxification of the body. It has also been credited for preventing cancer metastases in the breast and lungs too.